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Why Choose a Bed and Breakfast Over a Hotel

First of all, a bed and breakfast is an property with a handful of unique rooms that provides accommodations and breakfast, typically without serving any other meals. The phrase originated in the United Kingdom, but has since been adopted and redefined by many different countries and cultures.

A bed and breakfast offers a charming and quaint alternative to the more corporate housing options we so typically see in today’s world. Sure, many people indulge in and prefer the luxuries offered by five-star hotels, but what many of these people may not know is that bed and breakfast facilities nowadays often boast these same amenities. From internet connections to cable television to private baths and much more, today’s bed and breakfast choices still feature that desirable, charming appeal, but with a more modern spin.

Bed and breakfast establishments in the United States typically represent historical properties transformed into more lavish guesthouses with marketable features like those noted in the previous paragraph. Additionally, in order to remain competitive in today’s lodging industry and during these tough economic times, bed and breakfast facilities have essentially had to reinvent their personalities, or business plans, in order to reclaim their place in the housing niche.

In addition to an upgrade in the range of amenities, bed and breakfast inns often take it upon themselves to alert guests to local events, fine dining options, breweries, and many other affairs within the respective location. Complimentary wine and cheese hours have also become quite common throughout bed and breakfast establishments.

If you travel through any coastal town in the United States, then you may notice a plethora of bed and breakfast establishments as well as strips of motels. While motels may not necessarily be what they used to be, there will likely forever be some sort of stigma attached to this term. Conversely, the image of a bed and breakfast evokes thoughts of delight, coziness, and comfort. Not only does a bed and breakfast conjure up images of sincere service, but it also represents the notion of a family operating an honest business to make a decent living.

Many bed and breakfast inns today belong to professional or trade associations. Whether these groups pledge to honor member standards, safety standards, both, or more, these bed and breakfast associations serve to uphold quality policies to all parties involved. As with any honorable establishment or institution, a place of service is only as successful and happy as its guests and members are. Regardless of whether you’re in search of a simple bed and breakfast boasting a country-themed, rustic atmosphere or an inn complete with modern amenities, there are plenty of available options to discover.

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