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hey what’s going on I’m very Carter a a popular small business coach and I’m guessing you’re here because you wanted to learn some of the best small business ideas for 2013 Indiana will stay tuned to the end of this video because I got a special bonus for it all right and now before we start a small little tip okay and that’s the internet everything i’m going to be talking about every of small business idea is gonna have something to do with the internet is going to be based off of off of the internet if you were okay and the there’s a reason for that you know I don’t know if you ever tried to build you know your typical brick-and-mortar business or you know you try to start a store or your French ass but uh you know my entire families that all of the above and I’ve got to see firsthand a lot of the pains and what not involved in that you know when I like to share some love with you you know from from our building permits you know – what inspectors and inspections that that building has to have you know once that’s not you know you’ve got to worry about workers that you’ve got a higher you know then it takes tens of thousands of dollars to get started and then we’re talking about a franchise here you know we’re talking about a couple hundred thousand dollars she’s gonna need you know before things even get going ok so now you’ve got all that out the way you feel like the hard parts done but you’re in an incredible amount of day and it’s time to turn a profit how long is that gonna take years you know that there’s no guarantee you never know and ask for the internet comes into play because with the internet you know compared to these huge expenses in this incredible amount of debt as you know you can build a 67 figure business pretty cheap you know for less money than it takes to pay you know your monthly k will be alright so i first came to this realization when I was driving home one night and I saw a sign I saw a sign or a little automated sign that was telling me to slow down and stay cautious then after a few of the traffic of messages that went by what caught my attention was I saw please like our please like our Police Department on facebook you know please join our Police Department on Twitter and I had enough you know a light bulb went off in my head and I said man the internet is taking the world by storm you know it’s changed the way you know we we send mail and messages you know it’s changed the way that we look at TV and the way we communicate you know so I just kind of wanted to share that with you guys you know the Internet is the way the future is kind of like Microsoft or Apple you know how people say man I wish I could go back in time and invest when i first started you know it’s the same thing with the internet you know a couple years from now you know people are going to look back like man I should really jumped on the bandwagon should’ve waited so late you know I can still make a lot of money but I should have done it early on lucky for you you won’t be one of those people okay so let’s get started here small business idea number one writing it down here on my handy-dandy a whiteboard and that’s the blog ok i’m a blogger you can check my blog out at any time I have a few blogs you know what you can check out my main blog in time any card i kinda ok and the reason I i said i put blogging as the number one a small business idea was because it’s the foundation for making money online with your small business ok when you have a blog when you’re blogging people could find your blog you know they can find your blow calls they can find you on the Internet you know the type things in to find you on YouTube and Google ok and that’s so powerful because a you have a franchisor mom and pop store people your income is limited to your community you know sure people movie and move out you know and you know you might get people from other towns and other communities visiting you buy things from you but your income is limited to that small community there you know when you’re when you have a blow when you’re online when you’re small businesses on the internet you know now you’re reaching the entire world you know your income is limitless because now people can connect it back from you you know seemingly from everywhere all that was just that the limited and number of people you know so that’s the power of the internet you know just to kind of put things into perspective you may be in Australia right now watching this video or Egypt who knows you know I don’t know what that’s just to put things into perspective okay blogging small business idea number one I’ve so us that brings me in a small business idea number two okay you’ve got your blog you know you’re on the internet people are finding you ok how do you actually make money it takes me a second to write this excuse me you can guess but if you can see that how do we make money in affiliate marketing ok affiliate marketing for those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is my no BS kind of straight to the point a definition of that is seven somebody else’s stuff and you get a percentage of that sale you know it’s not sure if you didn’t make it but because you sold it for them you get a percentage of that ok let me give you an example let’s say you read a book an amazing book okay change your life and you want to share that with the world well because you have a blog and you’re on the internet you know you’re gonna make you know you’re going to write a review on the book you know you’re going to make a youtube video you know you’re going to provide as much about you as you possibly can okay and this is affiliate marketing you know we want to make money so what we’re going to do is you know we’re going to go to amazon and this is just an example you read a book you want to sell the book we’re going to go to amazon we’re going to get what’s called an affiliate link ok you’re going to sell this book for amazon ok affiliate marketing affiliate link you’re going to grab this little affiliate link takes like 13 seconds you copy it you post it on your blog you posted on your YouTube videos or whatever you’re doing and you tell people click that link by ok so now whenever somebody types in that book review on youtube or google and you know they’re looking for more information on it your web site comes up your blog comes up your youtube video comes up they’re going to watch it you’re going to read about it they’re going to click that link and then going back from you boom is that simple you know no hard work on your part you know you’re selling somebody else’s stuff and you’re getting a percentage of money doesn’t that sound pretty good ok this is affiliate marketing all right and the now it’s in my next a small business idea again that that’s affiliate marketing okay number one blog number two affiliate marketing ok and number three ok and that’s a network marketing or MLM ok network marketing or MLM now hold off for a second i want to go for a second whenever somebody hears those two words or one of those words all the sentence now the negativity comes up in their brain and this negative stigma about it now I sit there right but a you know oh my i t’s cousin’s daughter didn’t want to go with a long time ago and she didn’t make any money you know all that it’s it’s just it’s a pyramid scheme it’s a pyramid only people at the tap you know ever make any real money and I just wanted to the spill some of those myths for you you know because I’ve made plenty of money with network marketing or MLM whatever you want to call it ok the people say that are our people who don’t know what they’re doing plain and simple you know people who don’t know how to make money you know in just the kind of put things into perspective here once again how is a this pyramid you know this pyramid scheme network marketing you know I hate saying that but you know that pyramid you know but how is that any different from any job you’ve ever had you know like no matter what company is whether that be walmart what would that be Apple you know what does that mean Microsoft you know you’ve got what they call your CEO at the top of this so-called pyramid you know he’s making more money in one day you know the most people are making you know in a year to or most people are making in a month or six months ok and then you’ve got your peoples on down this so-called . this is your job when talking about your jab pyramid scheme you know you’ve got people you got your vice presidents you know you got your blah blah blah you know that you’ve got your manager she know blah blah blah you go now to the bottom you know and it’s you and the janitors making 10 or 15 bucks an hour ok again in the in that kinda like a pyramid in a year at the button you you filming it’s just people not being educated you know the only difference between your job and a network marketing or MLM is that a you got people like me you got people like my business partner Brad you know who’s making over forty thousand dollars a month right now Brad if you’re watching and shouts out man you know i love you man but uh making forty thousand dollars a month you know CEO type money you know the only difference between us you know this job and your network marketing network marketing your job network marketing the only difference is that a we didn’t spend 20 years you know what this company slowly climbing the ladder to get to that point you know we didn’t spend countless years and tens of thousands of dollars and schooling and I were in dead you know just to get that position no you know people like guys you know we said fuck this man you know excuse my language but you know people you know my family and I are going to be rich men we’re going to be rich you know we decided to learn how to make the money you know how to market properly what I’m showing you how to do here you know and you know and that’s what changed the game for us okay now that that’s the only difference that’s it ok now for some facts network marketing MLM you know whatever it’s one of the fastest ways to actually get your small business moving all right it’s kind of like affiliate marketing you know you you write reviews you know you do all this stuff for people and uh you know people find you and then they’ll buy from you you know plain and simple people buy from and the only difference though you know it’s kind of like a philly marketing on steroids is a is a once you know what these people who buy from you these people who join you the card two team members you know once you teach them how to do with your knowing you know what you teach them how your blogging in you know making money once they start to do the same you get a percentage of the money that they make you know just as an example you know for every hundred dollars they make you make it ten or twenty dollars of that so not only not only are you getting paid for which you can do but you’re going to pay for what they do as well you know it’s it’s a win-win you know and that’s why I love it so much okay and now for the final number for the final a small business idea if you were okay and that’s a ok and that’s the partner with me okay probably a little bit sloppy there but that’s the apartment with me me being a small business coach I can fast-track your way to success you know I’ve been there done that you know you can kind of do things on your own and trying to figure out how to work for you if you really have to drive but I’m here to help you know what kinda speed your way there you know I suppose you guessing your way forward all right when you partner with me you know instead of creating your own login figuring things out doing this and that and i’m going to give you a block this already customized for making money you know when to convert you know all the hard works done for you ok you can do little things if you want to make it your own but i’m going to give you a blog that’s already going to do the work for you okay there’s no need when you partner with me to find a affiliate marketing company or a network marketing do understand something you believe in because I’ve already done that hard work for you have already done the hard part you know I found a hybrid mix between the two that’s absolutely absolutely taken the internet by storm you know it’s amazing you know instead of keeping a small percentage of the money you make you know like like the Amazon example you sell the book and you get a small percentage you know you get to keep it all you get a hundred percent of the money ok how does that sound ok i’m pretty sure sounds good but uh yeah you that’s that’s pretty much it you know those are my top four small business ideas for 2013 in the end you’ve got blogging got affiliate marketing you know network marketing MLM you know or you need to choose the apartment with me you know just kind of skip all the bullcrap and the join me and also of partnering with me sounds absolutely phenomenal go ahead click the link above my head here you know where you can go ahead and click the link down below in the description you know maybe i’ll have a link right down below me you know and uh I guess that pretty much sums it up you know I remember when a making a decision you know to change my life the transform things transform things with this simple I remember you know how many clicks did it take for you to log on to your machine your computer how many clicks did it take for you to log on to the internet or to you know to get onto the internet you know how many places did it take for you to get to this page here and in to listen to the sound of my voice right now all it takes is one all right you guys go ahead click the link now the little click the link above i’m here to help I’m being Carter and i’m signing out I look forward to hearing from you guys please

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