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Are You Keeping Up With the Speed of Change?

I love change – I actually thrive on change and embrace it fully.

I am wired this way because of my upbringing, having moved 10 times before I was 16 years old.

I can recall one of my wildest moves like it was yesterday. After a long day at grammar school, I got on the bus to head home. When I got to my stop, a neighbor met me and handed me a slip of paper that had my new address on it. While I was at school, my dad had sold our home and transported all of our possessions in just one day.

But that’s nothing compared to the speed of change in today’s complex world.

Technology has drastically impacted the way we receive information, how fast it travels, our ability to communicate cross-borders, etc. Think about how you are reading this post. Where are you in the world? Are you on a desktop or mobile device? Did it pop up in your newsfeed, or did someone you know share it? How soon did you find this post after I published it?… more

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