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The first myth I would like to focus on regarding search engine optimization is the myth that revolves around the notion that search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated. I am always interested in the reasons people give for certain thoughts and I have heard many regarding how complicated search engine optimization (SEO) can be – especially for non-seo professionals. But I must say that I have not found this opinion to be true regarding search engine optimization. I do not feel that search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated. I know many people who have achieved great search engine rankings usingContinue Reading
Artificial grass installation
Effortless and time-saving upkeep of artificial turf proves to be one of the main benefits that many homeowners, businesses, landscapers, and athletes have come to enjoy. Such an investment has a relatively quick return on investment, thus making it cost effective in the long run. Manual labor is cut down significantly, including watering, mowing, and weeding. With labor cut, bills are also reduced, saving a large amount of money over the course of a few years. In a time when many are busy at work and finances are rough due to the economy, synthetic grass is the ultimate solution toContinue Reading
There are several things to consider when you have trees that might need an arborist. A homeowner may have a single tree or a number of trees that might need removal because of disease or because they are too close to roofs or each other. A professional tree surgeon will be able to balance the removal of trees and branches to save the trees the owner wants to save and to address the physical needs of the trees, in their current state and location. The first thing to understand is that this is not surgery, in a technical sense, butContinue Reading
Few things in life can be as rewarding as owning your own successful home business! It is exciting, offers freedom and flexibility and can give you financial prosperity! But that is just the good news. The bad news is that running a home business is a ton of work, many hours and a very risky gamble. This article will provide you with sound and valuable advice on how to plan and achieve success with your own home business. Limit the interruptions from your family when working from a home office. Interruptions are distracting, and distraction will impede your productivity. LetContinue Reading
Ask any business owner if they’ve ever worked with friends, and you will likely get a yes. How they answer you (with a scowl or with a smile), will determine if it turned out well. One of my clients is an 18-year old company with three owners that have been friends for more than two decades. They have mastered the art of “working with friends.” This doesn’t mean they haven’t experienced turmoil or conflict. In fact, one of my key roles in working with them was to help them move through some inertia that was stalling their continued growth. TheyContinue Reading